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Sasha Reid
Sasha Reid
Sasha Reid

When I was going through my cancer journey I didn’t have anyone that truly understood what I was going through. I had family and friends who desperately tried to support me and understand but I still felt alone and misunderstood.

~ Sasha Reid, Tenacious Butterfly

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My Philosophy



Cancer coaching is important and meaningful to me.

As a Cancer thriver, I am uniquely qualified and inspired to work with individuals and their families through all stages of cancer, including newly diagnosed, in treatment, going through post treatment transitions or approaching end of life.

I want to work with you to improve your confidence and sense of control. Often Cancer makes us feel powerless, but together, we will design an action plan to tackle all of the obstacles and challenges that will arise and you will be empowered with information and options available for you to make informed choices.


My areas of particular interest and experience include working with individuals and families living with chronic and advanced cancers, providing plant based nutritional advice/recipes to cope with side effects and symptoms, stress and emotional management, caregivers support, and people returning to life and work post-treatment.



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