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Colonic hydrotherapy is an internal cleansing of the colon, using purified water. It allows an in depth removal of waste, mucus and gases, helping the colon towards better nutrient absorption, and to re-tone and re-shape it.


The water circulates throughout your bowel in order to encourage and stimulate its elimination. Waste products are then passed out of your body. It gives a sensation of lightness and clarity both physically and mentally.

If you are new to Colonics or haven’t had any in over a year, we recommend that you choosing from one
of our Colonic packages for increased savings. Our packages are developed to enable you to achieve
optimum results.

Upon completing your chosen package, we recommend transitioning to once a month to maintain your results.


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My Philosophy

Colon Hydrotherapy

Colon hydrotherapy can be extremely beneficial to the whole body and helps:

  • Alleviating bloating and heaviness

  • Improving digestion

  • Improving circulation

  • Feeling healthy and rejuvenated

  • Clearing skin

  • Improving mental clarity

  • Re-shaping and re-toning the colon

  • Allowing vital nutrients to be re absorbed easily

  • Enhancing the overall body functions

  • Providing the perfect platform for a total detox

An enema is a procedure, which entails administering water and other substances at low pressure into the rectum.


The type of Enema used for your treatment is called a retention Enema. It means injecting a solution into the rectum and holding for a specific period of time. An enema uses only enough liquid to fill the rectum and possibly the sigmoid colon generally 500 ml to 1 litre. Some people will be able to hold the full litre while others may only be able to hold half, it is dependent upon the size of the sigmoid colon and rectum and other factors.

Enemas can be traced back to ancient times when people implemented enema treatments in the river, by using hollow reeds to induce water flow into the rectum. This cleansing ritual was used in primitive tribes from the Amazon. African and Asian priests and shamans practiced this magical-medical colon cleansing method.

I don’t recommend Enemas for long standing constipation issues, as it will not have a deep enough effect. You may want to opt for Colon Hydrotherapy.

I offer a number of Enema options for you to choose from, they include Organic Coffee, Wheatgrass, and Probiotics.

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