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My Philosophy


A fast and efficient way to optimize times and facilitate employee engagement for up to 30 participants per workshop. Employees can bring their own lunch or the company can provide lunch – I can recommend healthy food providers within your local vicinity. I facilitate an hour-long workshop on topics including, but not limited to:

  • Active Living and Fitness

  • Mind Body Connection

  • Holistic Nutrition

  • The 8 Elements of Wellness

My goal is to educate, encourage and inspire every small step forward in each person’s wellness journey. Everyone is unique, I meet you where you are and recognize that there is no one size fits all, making small changes like a green smoothie for breakfast, going for a walk daily, or practicing mindfulness and affirmations every morning… are a great place to begin and will have a big difference in the quality of your life and your work.

As a seasoned Senior HR Program Manager and Transformational Speaker, I am experienced designing, launching and managing programs that engage the workforce and increase productivity. They serve as an opportunity for cross-functional collaboration between different teams and departments. The workshops combat silo-mentality and promote and encourage social stimulus among employees.

Integrated Lunch and Learns show your employees that you care and are invested in their well-being. Clients report -seeing a significant increase in staff morale, commitment and productivity. It’s a win for everyone! Lunch & Learns can be one-off events, or part of an ongoing strategy. Each session is designed to engage all learning styles and have between 3 learning objectives that provide your employees with the tools to implement healthy changes immediately. Each session provides a one-page summary of the learning points, so employees can interact during the workshop and have a point of reference for when they want to apply the lessons later.

Your session will include:

  • Questionnaires

  • E-invites

  • Collateral Material (Promotion posters, lesson objectives, handouts)

I specialize in creating bespoke custom programs that are tailored to your exact needs, goals and budget. By leveraging my experience and professional network, together we design a customized wellness program that will have your employees empowered with knowledge and vitality.

I take the time to learn about your business, your goals, and your employees so I can create a tailor made solution that perfectly matches your needs. Once you have a custom designed plan, the execution is easy!


Popular program topics:


  • Train the Trainer – teach leaders in mindful practices, stretching breaks and more.

  • Press Reset – a 4 week program to reset and reboot your health and wellness journey, meal plans and journaling.

  • Meditation 101 – a 2 week program of techniques in meditation and affirmations

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