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My Philosophy


A fast and efficient way to optimize times and facilitate employee engagement for up to 30 participants per workshop. Employees can bring their own lunch or the company can provide lunch – I can recommend healthy food providers within your local vicinity. I facilitate an hour-long workshop on topics including, but not limited to:

  • Active Living and Fitness

  • Mind Body Connection

  • Holistic Nutrition

  • The 8 Elements of Wellness

In a post-pandemic world, employees have reevaluated their priorities and perspectives about work life balance and are demanding that employers support and value their well-being. Investing in our Holistic Corporate Wellness Program demonstrates your authentic care in your employee's health on every level.

As a seasoned Senior HR Professional and Transformational Speaker, I am experienced designing, launching and managing programs that engage your employees and optimize performance. They serve as an opportunity for cross-functional collaboration between different teams and departments. The workshops combat silo-mentality and promote and encourage social stimulus among employees through workplace challenges, activities and healthy workplace rituals.

Integrated Lunch and Learns are extremely popular among our existing clients, 90% of employees working for companies with holistic wellness programs report being happy and engaged with their job and would recommend it to a friend. It’s a win for everyone!


Lunch & Learns can be one-off events, or part of an ongoing strategy. Each session is designed to provide nutrition education to help employees lead healthier lifestyles. Our Corporate Wellness programs focus on proactively promoting good health, while health insurance mainly covers treatment for illness or injury after they occur.


We engage all learning styles and have 3 learning objectives that provide your employees with the tools to implement healthy changes immediately. Each session provides a one-page summary of the learning points, so employees can interact during the workshop and have a point of reference for when they want to apply the lessons later.

As your wellness partner, my aim is to create a tailored solution to meet your business, your goals, and your employees needs.  By leveraging my experience and professional network, together we design a customized wellness program that will have your employees empowered with knowledge and vitality.

Your session will include:

  • Questionnaires

  • E-invites

  • Collateral Material (Promotion posters, lesson objectives, handouts)

Once you have a custom designed plan, the execution is easy!


Your bespoke custom program is a click away. Book a call with me to discuss. 


Popular program topics:


  • Train the Trainer – teach leaders in mindful practices, stretching breaks and more.

  • Press Reset – a 4 week program to reset and reboot your health and wellness journey, meal plans and journaling.

  • Meditation 101 – a 2 week program of techniques in meditation and affirmations

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