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5 Day Green Smoothie Challenge benefits:

  • Easily (and deliciously!) increase your fruit and vegetable intake

  • Promote weight loss, naturally

  • Improve hydration

  • Improve digestion

  • Rejuvenate your body


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My Philosophy

5 Day Green Smoothie


The Tenacious Butterfly 5 Day Green Smoothie Challenge

is a personalized recipe plan consisting of fruits, vegetables and superfoods on a budget to increase your energy, bowel regularity, immune system, clarity and focus and weight management.

This challenge is designed to create an easy daily healthy habit that you can continue with after the 5 days have ended. It is customized with your specific monetary budget in mind. We are often led to believe that eating healthily requires a mammoth budget, but this program is designed to dispel that myth in the hopes that you will continue adding more nutritious whole plant foods into your daily lifestyle.

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