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2020 Intentions

Hey Friends,

Happy New Year! Hope you all enjoyed the holiday season and are excited for all the new possibilities that you are creating in 2020!

I ended 2019 on a high, I was eating sugar free for 30 days. It was challenging as always but really good for my body.

It always shocks me when confronted by the huge amount of sugar we consume unknowingly each day, and by just taking 30 days out, I was able to reset my taste buds. I also had the pleasure of speaking with Chris James of A Healthy Alternative just before the holidays to share my healing story.

When my sugar free challenge was completed, I found that I wasn't craving or wanting a lot of sugary foods even throughout the Seasonal festivities.

I welcomed the New Year with family and friends and excitedly began leading my 21 Day Juice Cleanse Program on New Years Day.

I've got to tell you - this program and the teams just get better. I am elated, by the commitment and consistency of the group members. Everyone is encouraging and supportive to one another and I am so encouraged by the community that they are developing.

Whether you would consider last year to be your best or worst year. I invite you to stop looking in your rear view mirror and pay close attention to your road ahead!

Have you clearly defined your intentions for this year? Have you thought about what steps you will take to achieve them?

I am not talking about empty new years resolutions. Close your eyes for a minute, see what you want this year, hold that vision and breath into it.

Okay, now you've seen it. It's right there for you to have. What steps can you take right now that will get you closer to it?

Here is a big tip for you:

Start with being selective in what you feed yourself.

"But what has food got to do with your goal?" you ask….EVERYTHING!

When you eat nutrient dense foods, you are able to think clearly, you will have increased energy, you will get better quality rest, you are able to communicate more effectively. What many don't know is that if you are consuming processed foods, meats, fish, dairy, refined carbohydrates and sugars regularly they contain chemical properties that have a profound effect on your behaviour, thoughts and therefore your actions, impacting you attaining your goals!

If your goal is healing then food should be your first step!

If your goal is finding your soul mate then food should be your first step!

If you want to raise you productivity as an entrepreneur, then food should be your first step!

No matter what your goal is, you have to prioritize how and what you feed yourself. Its non negotiable! Your health and Well-being should be your number 1 goal because without that it is impossible to have anything else effectively.

May this year be your year, the year that you set and manifest your intentions while achieving and maintaining optimal health and well-being!

Sasha ❤🦋


Tenacious Butterfly

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