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September 2020 - Monthly Update..

Hey Friends,

This month has felt like a whirlwind for me, with my teens back to school, leading the 21 Day Juice Program, coaching virtual clients, launching the new juice delivery service and running the Alkaline Wellness Centre. But it feels great to be busy doing what I love!

We are 15 days into the 21 Day Juice Program, my group are going strong and are reaping the benefits. The mindset shifts are phenomenal and are what I enjoy most about this program.

The Alkaline Wellness Centre has launched the new juice delivery service. There are 3 types of cleanses available to detoxify and provide a nutrient boost. I am extremely proud of this new venture as it came from client feedback. Many people have wanted to do my 21 Day Juice Cleanse Program but didn’t have the desire to do 21 days or make the juice themselves. I am pleased to say I heard you and you have the option to have a 3 day, 5 day or 10 day cleanse delivered to your door.

I have seen a rise in the number of Nutritional Microscopy clients this month and I have also seen significant improvements for many of my clients that have been on my custom 30 days Alkaline Reset. I love to see people take control of their health before sickness comes their way.

As we approach the change in season, I encourage you all to be proactive and be intentional about what you consume physically, emotionally and spiritually over the next few weeks. Flu season is in the air, plus Covid-19 is still lingering around, so you will need a strong robust immune system to breeze through it!

Remember you’ve got to alkalize to thrive!

Sasha ❤🦋


Tenacious Butterfly

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