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My 180 Day Raw Vegan Challenge...

Hey Friends,

I started a 180 day raw vegan challenge on March 11th 2020. My goal was to eat 100% raw living foods for the entire 180 days until August 26th 2020.

Unfortunately I didn't achieve my goal of 180 days and ended my 180 days raw vegan challenge at 155 days.

Since then I have incorporated 30% cooked veggies. That being said, I have to highlight the incredible benefits I experienced during my raw challenge:

  • Incredibly soft blemish free skin with a healthy glow

  • Restful sleeps (deeper sleep, waking up vibrant and refreshed)

  • Soft and moisturized hair (my curls were not as dry and frizzy)

  • Efficient detoxification and digestion (regular bowel movements and no bloating)

  • Mental clarity (more focused)

  • Balanced emotions (better attitude, high and positive vibes)

  • Increased empathy and love towards myself and others

  • My Ph level remained alkaline throughout the challenge

  • Effortless weight loss during the first 4 months (although towards the end of the challenge I started overindulging on too much nuts and gained a few pounds back)

There are a few drawbacks, that made staying 100% raw vegan challenging for me:

  • To create create the variety of raw vegan meals I enjoy, I needed to be organized and prep ahead (this was my biggest challenge throughout)

  • I love and missed the taste of cooked veggies

  • I got bored of eating cold foods and I don't like raw soups at all

  • I felt hungry really often and over indulged on nuts, nut butters and avocado (all healthy fats, but I was eating way too much)

  • My energy would fluctuate throughout the day (because I was eating too much fats to feel full and not enough carbohydrates from fruits)

  • I started my 6 week fitness challenge (which made me even more hungry lol)

Overall I am so pleased that I embarked on this challenge. The benefits are incredible!

As we approach the end of summer, my focus has shifted to building muscle and strength.

After successfully completing my 6 week fitness challenge, I have committed to continue working out 3 days a week with my personal trainer Fontaine of @lunges_and_leggings_ and maintain consuming at least 70% raw living foods daily.

Have you began to think about your health, wellness and fitness goals as we approach fall?

Look out for my next 21 Day Juice Cleanse Program starting on September 8th 2020.

Join me and let's kick start your health and wellness journey!

Sasha ❤🦋


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