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Hey Friends,

I hope you are all doing well. This last month has really opened my eyes to how much I love and thrive with positive human connection.

Toward the end of the last month I launched the Metamorphosis Pilot Program which was created specifically for people navigating their Cancer Journey.

We have a group call every Sunday and it is such a great time! Our wellness community is a safe space to support and encourage one another. In a time like this, it couldn't be more welcomed.

I have also taken part in a series of instagram live interviews with Fontaine, a personal trainer @lunges_and_leggings_ from my hometown in the UK.

I absolutely love her wholistic approach to Health and Fitness. Often we isolate the two but they go hand in hand and you can not maintain optimal health without embracing your physical fitness.

I have also thoroughly enjoyed connecting with people via the instagram live dj sets. You can find me in @bigbusinesshq (on Instagram) every Sunday from 5pm eastern standard time. (10pm UK time) for their A to Z Of RnB Slow Jams.

I love it! If you could see me, I have my ear pieces in and I am dancing and singing in the mirror while interacting in the live with XL (the dj/host) and all of my friends and family scattered throughout the 🌎 in the live group.

It's funny, we think we know who we are, what we need and then a pandemic comes along and shows you that you don't need as much as you may have thought!

I realize what makes me feel my best during this period of uncertainty is positive connections and meaningful interactions.

Take some time to identify what makes you feel good, remember 5 minutes of laughter boosts your immune system for over 24 hours. 😀❤🦋



Tenacious Butterfly

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