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Juicing – My Why

I am often asked why I enjoy only consuming vegetable and fruit juices for extended periods of time. I typically give a brief explanation that I like to flood my body with nutrients and that is usually followed with “I could never do that aren’t you hungry”?

So I am writing this blog to give you an insight into why I juice. Why I love juicing and why I decided to create my 21 Day Juice Program to work with people to provide an opportunity to experience it for themselves!

My first time juicing was back in 2005. I had no idea what to expect or what I was doing, but I had just had my first child and was eager to get back to my post baby weight which was enough motivation to get me started. I watched a well-known British celebrity rave about how she had lost her baby weight by juicing and I wanted the same snap back!

My initial interest in juicing had absolutely nothing to do with my health and I had no understanding of why it was important or how to do it properly. I had watched a celeb on TV and tried it out based on that. Not surprisingly , I lost some weight, but I also felt ill, I was weak, I had diarrhea, I had headaches and I was using tinned fruits because what was the difference? I was completely ignorant to what I was doing and what affect I was having on my body.

So what changed…

For years health was not an issue or something I considered at all. Yes, I was chronically constipated but that was just a part of life I thought. I was a self proclaimed vegetarian that ate fish and carbs, (I later found out that if you eat fish you are actually a pescatarian) but my diet rarely included any veggies apart from canned sweetcorn or broccoli. The main items on my plate were fish and rice, or fish and pasta, or fish and chips. I was not eating meat so I was healthy - or so I thought! I also consumed a lot of dairy-containing products. I didn’t drink cows milk, but I ate eggs, white chocolate and milk chocolate, loved cheese, cakes, pies, crackers, doughnuts, and yoghurt. That was until I became sick in 2012. Health became my priority, it was all I wanted and it consumed me.

I read books, medical journals, blogs, articles, watched documentaries, vlogs, took courses and tried and tested everything on myself in an effort to heal. But I was still sick. I sought help with the medical route using chemo, and a stem cell transplant but I was still sick.

Finally, I went to a Live Blood Cell Analyst who showed me my blood cells and explained what was happening inside my body. I was amazed! He told me that I would have to follow a detox protocol to cleanse my body and clean my inner environment. I didn’t want to, but I followed his plan and eventually got stronger and my body began to clean up and work the way it is designed to work.

So what does juicing have to do with any of this?

Well, it is quite simple actually. When we consume nothing but fruit and vegetable fibre free juice for a period of time, we are effectively giving our digestive system a much needed break. During the break we are allowing our bodies to begin to flush out all of our stored waste matter and most of our problems stem from a significant buildup of waste accumulated over years.

When I talk about flushing our waste I am referring to both our lymphatic waste and digestive waste, because they are both capable of getting backed up and creating internal havoc in all of the other systems within our bodies.

Juicing is powerful in that it provides the body with time and an abundance of nutrients to support the detoxification process.

Why do we need to detox?

Well, I won’t speak for you, but I need to detox because I sometimes eat refined carbs (even though I know they are not real food), I breathe in the polluted air, I eat three times a day most days with a snack or two in between, I do not have a bowel movement after every meal I eat, so obviously that is sitting somewhere, and those are only a few reasons I am sure.

Why do I juice?

My biggest reason for juicing is because I love how I feel when I am juicing and I notice a difference within a few days!

I don’t waste energy digesting food and have tons of energy to spend on other things, my skin glows, any inflammation in my body disappears, my temperament is nicer and more loving. I feel peaceful and connected to people and nature. Plus, I know that I am pressing a reset button on any overindulgences that I have had recently, and it cleans my palette more each time.

I am able to eliminate more toxic foods when I go back to eating each time because I have lost the cravings and the taste for those addictive foods. I awaken my body’s natural feedback response system that serves to highlight foods that my body doesn’t tolerate well instead of masking my natural response which it has learnt to do from years of ingesting them.

Why I created a 21 day juice Cleanse Program?

Because juicing is not a one-size-fits all process. Like with all things, we are individuals with individual deficiencies and toxicities. It requires a person with experiential based knowledge to support you through the transition into juicing, because there will be detox symptoms and they are often not fun!

I have detoxed severe chemotherapy drugs over the last few years and that was difficult, but it has empowered me with a wealth of knowledge on how to slow down the detox process and support the kidneys and their filtration.

I know that you will begin to experience some of the amazing benefits of juicing for yourself, with my coaching, support and encouragement and to be able to share this with people you care about is an incredible feeling.

The program is designed in a group format but contains individual coaching elements, we come together in the private Facebook group but all recipes are customizable and alternatives are also provided in my comprehensive guide.

Once you know, you just can’t un-know the benefits of juicing, Trust me it’s a game changer…

All disease is built on deficiency and toxicity, we have to detoxify and rebuild and juicing does just that!

Tenacious Butterfly

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