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A quick monthly update

Hey Friends,

This blog post is short and sweet, but I wanted to update you all with what is new and what I am up to.

Over the last month I have been busy working with contractors to create my Wellness Centre. It is coming along well - the drywall, the painting, electricity, heating/air conditioning and the flooring are now complete.

I have had all of the family getting involved in one way of another, from painting the walls to my son Azam designing the centre logo. It is truly is an exciting time for me and my family!

My daughter Atia recently turned 13 years old, so I am now officially a mum of two teenagers and I couldn’t be prouder. Mom life is changing and I am slowly adapting to release my firm grip. I am giving them a little more freedom and more responsibilities in and around the house. This is proving to be a little challenging for both them and me.

Also I set a challenge for my family to be 100% plant based vegan for the month of October and, to my delight, they took it on and have stuck with it bar one slip up at Thanksgiving. Even Halloween sweet treats didn’t get them to turn their back on their new lifestyle and that was a welcomed surprise. They feel good and I have been committed to creating delicious nutritious meals that have had them asking for second helpings.

I will be speaking at the Afro-Caribbean Vegan Market in Toronto on November 10th about How a plant based Vegan Diet saved my life and I am thrilled to meet all of the attendees and have this opportunity to share my story. Not to mention, I can’t wait to visit all of the Vegan vendors and buy a few goodies!

If you aren’t already following me on my social media platforms, please be sure to follow for updates about the upcoming Open House.

Talk to you all soon,

Tenacious B

Tenacious Butterfly

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