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This last month has flown by and has been filled with mixed emotions. After the excitement of opening the Alkaline Wellness Centre and the success of our very first in a series of free workshops, the pandemic reached its peak and all physical services were temporarily put on hold.

I could have allowed the situation to derail me and the old Sasha would have let it. But my health and wellness journey has not been just about the food that I eat and that is what I teach my clients.

A huge element of health and wellness comes from how we think. Its incredible that I am now able to thank my Cancer experience for developing resilience and tenacity for the ability to quickly recover from any difficult situations that arise. My thoughts now immediately shift from fear of the unknown to how can I adapt, what can I do in the current situation that will have a positive effect and outcome for myself and people that I connect with.

I invite you all during this difficult time, to focus on what you are grateful for. Personally, I have enjoyed spending quality time with my husband and two teenagers. Generally, we are all go go go, and we rarely carve out time, but this pandemic has afforded us with a unique opportunity to reconnect.

I have launched April’s 21 Day Juice Program and an all new Metamorphosis Program (exclusively for people with a Cancer Diagnosis during this pandemic). I remain active and have focused more attention on my online offerings. I am taking an online course and have been getting outdoors early in the morning for some good ole me time!

We all have the choice to let the situation break us or propel us to the next chapter in our story!

I have added more time slots for 20 minute FREE consultations, and encourage you to seize the opportunity while spaces are available.

Stay Safe,

Sasha ❤🦋


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