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Year-end Reflection

Hey Friends,

As we approach the end of this year, I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge and reflect on what an amazing year it has been!

I started the year in personal turmoil to be honest. I was sad about the deterioration of some of my close relationships and in my sadness I wasn’t able to focus on my goals.

I embarked upon a personal development program to help me to identify how I show up in the world to others. It was enlightening an overwhelming. It forced me to do some soul searching and really look into my motivations and my reasons, and of course as I began to delve into myself, new found possibilities emerged. I realized that I was the author of my own story and I had the power to create a life that I love.

So I began to live into my new possibilities and really pursue the life I want to live. Once I made the declaration to myself, I immediately began to meet people that were in alignment. Doors that were not even there suddenly appeared and were ajar, ready for me to push open.

I began to really vocalize out loud what I want for myself and my family. My husband and children immediately saw the possibility and were excited to be a part of it. I want to thank my husband for his commitment to taking my goal and making it a unified goal for our family. It truly feels amazing to know that I have a partner and children that will take this unknown journey with me.

The Alkaline Wellness Centre is a big part of my goal, and we are excited to bring a new warm, state of the art space that we have created from the ground up to offer the best in prevention and health enhancing therapies.

I wanted to make all of the therapies and modalities I used to heal myself accessible in one single destination. I saw the need for it and felt compelled to create it. Our Wellness centre fills the gap between western allopathic medicine and the ‘feel good’ therapies out there.

I am excited to welcome you all to the Alkaline Wellness Centre - opening January 2020. Please subscribe to the mailing list for updates.

For all the encouragement and support that I have received thus far, thank you. I see you all. I encourage you to identify what you love and really set a plan to pursue it, don’t rob the world of your unique gifts.

Enjoy the holiday season and I look forward to connecting with you all in person in the New Year!

Bring on 2020, its going be a great one!


Tenacious Butterfly

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